Start planning now to find yourself in San Francisco, Chicago or Boston next summer


What is your refund policy (COVID promise) if I book now?

We understand there are some unknowns for next summer, but the good news is that the Usit along with our US Sponsors are ready to accept visa applications for the summer 2022 programme.
However, if due to COVID-19, there is a travel restriction and as a result you cannot travel on your J1 Summer Work and Travel Programme, USIT will offer you a full refund of all payments you have made on your booking. Please see below what determines a travel restriction

• DFA Travel advisory against travel the to the USA within 14 days of your departure date.
• Full border closure or restrictions specific to the visa you are entering the country on.
• US Embassy restrictions or closures due to COVID-19.
• Visas are not being approved due to COVID19 travel restrictions.

What doesn’t constitute a COVID-19 travel restriction.

• If you have already departed for the USA and/or arrived in the US and DFA introduce a travel advisory
• Local quarantine rules. Quarantine plans are currently in place in many states and countries with ever-changing conditions. USIT will inform you of the current quarantine conditions in your travel destination prior to travel.
• Additional costs for COVID-19 tests and quarantine. It is difficult to predict how each country will respond to the evolving COVID 19 situation, however USIT will guide you through any changes.
• If you cannot travel due to a positive COVID-19 test or are asked to quarantine by your local Government. USIT will offer a free date change wherever possible.
• If you decide not to travel for any reason our normal terms & conditions will apply.

What if I get Coronavirus while I am in the USA? Will I be covered by insurance?

Our Medical Insurance includes cover for Coronavirus (COVID-19) should you contract it while in the USA. If you are experiencing any symptoms prior to your departure please contact the for more information.
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