USIT Guaranteed Job Programme


All J1ers must have an approved job before flying out, so take the hassle out of finding a job yourself in the US with the help of our J1 Hiring team. We guarantee you a job and we do the work for you.

Hiring Fair

Virtual Hiring Fairs

This year all the job hiring will be virtual but you will still get to choose which US location and which US Employers you’d like to interview with. The choice is yours!

USIT J1 Team

All J1ers must have an approved job before flying to the USA. Let our expert hiring team make it easy for you by lining you up with a J1 Job.


City : State : Job title Salary Tips
San Diego CA Dishwasher $13.00 No
San Diego CA Food Runner $13.00 Yes
San Diego CA Prep Cook $13.00 No
San Diego CA Host/Hostess $13.00 Yes
San Diego CA Food Service Team $13.00 No
San Diego CA Merch Team Member $13.00 No
San Diego CA Attendant $13.00 No
San Diego CA Ticket Seller $13.00 No
San Diego CA Attraction Host $13.00 No
San Diego CA Busser $12.00 No
Newport Beach CA Busser $12.00 Yes
Newport Beach CA Kitchen Staff $12.00 No
Redwood City CA Kitchen Staff $12.00 no
Redwood City CA Busser $12.00 no
Montauk NY Cashier $12.00 No
Montauk NY Server $6.25 Yes
Montauk NY Café Attendant $12.00 no
Montauk NY Busser $12.00 No
Montauk NY Dishwasher $12.00 No
San Francisco CA Cashier $15.59 No
San Francisco CA Customer Service $15.59 No
San Francisco CA Team Member $16.00 No
San Francisco CA Bartender $12.00 Yes
San Francisco CA Dishwasher $12.00 No
San Francisco CA Fast Food Runner $13.00 Yes
San Francisco CA Host $12.00 No
San Francisco CA Retail Sales/Shop Assistant $12.00 No
San Francisco CA Front Desk Receptionist $17.00 no
San Francisco CA Waiter/Waitress $12.00 Yes
San Francisco CA Hot Dog Vendor $12.00 No
New York NY Server $10.00 Yes
New York NY Host/Hostess $15.00 No
New York NY Retail Associate $15.00 No
New York NY Mascot $15.00 No
New York NY Team Member $15.00 Yes
New York NY Customer Service Team Member $16.00 No
New York NY Bartender $10.00 Yes
New York NY Dishwasher $12.00 No
New York NY Bike Handler $12.00 no
New York NY Prep Cook $12.00 No
Boston MA Server $6.25 Yes
Boston MA Host $14.00 No
Boston MA Cocktail Server $6.25 Yes
Boston MA Bartender $10.50 Yes
Boston MA Barback $12.00 Yes
Boston MA Restaurant Supervisor $18.00 No
Boston MA Food Runner/Busser $12.00 Yes
Boston MA Dishwasher $12.00 No
Boston MA Prep Cook $12.00 No
Chicago IL Server $6.40 Yes
Chicago IL Host/Hostess $13.00 No
Chicago IL Retail Associate $13.00 No
Chicago IL Busser/Food Runner $8.00 Yes
Chicago IL Bartender $10.50 Yes
Chicago IL Banquet Server $12.00 No
Chicago IL Prep Cook $12.00 No
Chicago Il Cashier $12.00 No
Chicago Il Barista $12.00 No
Chicago Il Barback $12.00 Yes
Myrtle Beach SC Cashier $12.00 No
Myrtle Beach SC Server $6.40 Yes
Myrtle Beach SC Host/Hostess $13.00 No
Myrtle Beach SC Retail Associate $13.00 No
Myrtle Beach SC Attraction Attendant $13.00 No
Myrtle Beach SC Salesperson $14.00 No
Myrtle Beach SC Busser $8.00 Yes
Myrtle Beach SC Customer Service $15.59 No
Ocean City MD Popcorn Cook $11.50 No
Ocean City MD Stock Clerk $11.00 No
Ocean City MD Prep Cook $12.00 No
Ocean City MD Customer Service $15.59 No
Ocean City MD Busser $8.00 Yes
Ocean City MD Clerk $11.00 No
Santa Monica CA Server $14.25 Yes
Santa Monica CA Host/Hostess $14.25 Yes
Santa Monica CA Retail Associate $15.00 No
Santa Monica CA Food Prep $15.00 No
Santa Monica CA Mascot $15.00 No
Santa Monica CA Busser $14.25 Yes
Santa Monica CA Cashier $14.25 No



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